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Top WordPress hosting services provider with reviews 2020| Hey guys Get an idea of WordPress hosting providers. Reasons to make the list of best WordPress hosting sites of the WordPress hosting service provider with reviews.

 WordPress hosting services with reviews

Every year we make a list of best WordPress hosting sites. We know WordPress hosting is an important tool for more or less all businesses because this hosting increases reachability of your business on the online platform in a secure manner. We do not recommend any hosting company, but we only make a list of best WordPress hosting services with details of their features, costs, discounts, offers, etc so that viewers can sensibly choose the best service to buy for their needs.

Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020


Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel Hosting

A comprehensive guide to explain the details of flywheel hosting To host your WordPress site on various online platforms very smoothly and easily, you need to avail the service of Flywheel Hosting. This hosting delivers high speed, solid ...
$15 $20 Buy Now
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HostGator Hosting

HostGator HostingBest price

HostGator is the world’s leading provider of VPS, reseller, shared and dedicated web hosting services. This company was established in Houston, Texas and was founded in 2002 by Chairman Brent Oxley. Since then, the company has developed from a small ...
InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been offering businesses of web hosting from their offices in Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, CA, and VA. They do not outsource tech support – all supports are managed from their Virginia Beach office. This company provides hosting ...
InterServer hosting review

InterServer hosting review

InterServer hosting review by genuine hosting. InterServer was founded in April 1999 as a web provider. Over the years the company has developed its product line to contain collocation, managed services and dedicated servers. In 2006, the company ...
BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost Hosting

BlueHost hosting review by genuine hosting review. BlueHost was established in 2003 by Matt Heaton with only one goal of making it the best web hosting company. It’s services are based on open source technology; it has gradually developed into one ...
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2hosting was established in August 2001. It is based in Ann Arbor Michigan. It has built a good reputation for high-speed customer service. It was officially known as Iniquinet and renamed as A2 in March 2003. It is yet another hosting company that ...
GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks management team has more than 40 years of experience in providing affordable and high-quality website hosting services. Your account will use only the best of server hardware, the most up to date software programs available on the ...
SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround hosting review by genuine hosting review. SiteGround has been in existence for nearly 10 years till now and has become hugely accepted and well-known in the industry for pushing the technological borders that make them one among the ...
DreamHost Hosting

DreamHost Hosting

Dreamhost is good hosting services for good website performance and 100% uptime , we recommend to hosting wordpress sites on dreamhost
iPage Hosting

iPage Hosting

IPage had been established about a decade ago, but the company was dormant in mid-2000. In 2009, the company was restructured and relaunched by a group of international companies. Since then, IPage is back in the game. According to our research, ...

List of the Best WordPress hosting service providers:

⊛ Bluehost

⊛ Hostgator

⊛ Siteground

⊛ A2 hosting

⊛ Site5

⊛ Dreamhost

⊛ Arvixe

⊛ Justhost


                                        ♣ Top Best WordPress hosting service providers ♣

1. BlueHost: –

Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Get Best Web Hosting only at 3.955 $/month

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting service providers founded in 2003. In WordPress hosting, Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting brands of the market. Bluehost has a dedicated team of experts who are engaged in top-class customer support.  For WordPress Core development, this provider has a dedicated team of WordPress developers. Bluehost provides the best end to end WordPress development and WordPress hosting services in the market.

The Features provided by various plans of Bluehost are :

♤ 50 GB hosting space for the basic plan and unlimited WordPress hosting space for other plans.

♤ Free domain, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited  domain WordPress hosting,

♤ Free domain name on Ruby, CGI, PHP, Perl, etc,

♤ Site Transfer/unlimited GB file,

♤ Unlimited Email accounts,

♤ Secure shell, FTP, SSL, stats, templates and Free Site Builder,

♤ WordPress Auto-updates,

♤ Secure WordPress install,

♤ Simple script 1-click install,

♤ 50% off in the first month,

24/7 top-quality customer support.

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

2. HostGator: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Hostgator is one of the best WordPress hosting service providers in India. Within a short period, it’s WordPress hosting service has become one of the best services in the market. With the latest technologies and products, HostGator is successfully delivering its services to more than 400000 clients worldwide. Its services are being used by around 500 companies covering more than 200 nations. Pre-installed jetpack is the exceptional feature of HostGator’s WordPress hosting. You can choose from hundreds of available templates, plugins, and other services to design your website.

The Features provided by various  WordPress hosting plans of HostGator are:

♤ 5 GB to 40 GB storage throughout all plans,

♤ Unlimited Bandwidth,

♤ Hardware support from Dual Core CPU to Hexacore CPU throughout all plans, and 2 GB RAM to 6 GB RAM plans,

♤ Unlimited Email accounts,

♤ Jetpack plugin,

♤ 4500 free website templates,

♤ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

♤ $ 100 Google Adwords support,

♤ 1 click script installs.

♤ 45-days money-back guarantee,

♤ 24/7 top-quality customer support

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

3. SiteGround: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

It is one of the largest independently owned web hosting providers of the market.  Currently, it hosts more than 1,700,000 domains throughout the world. This is one of the few companies which provides location-specific hosting using 3 Data Centers in Europe, USA, and Singapore. It gives 24/7 customer support and also replies promptly within 10 minutes after creating tickets. SiteGround lists the personal profiles of all of their employees. When you get in touch with one of its employees, you can easily check his/her details.  

It also provides Tutorials, Webinars, and a detailed installation guide so that you can gather knowledge and can know about its technologies and features in detail.

The Features provided by various WordPress hosting  plans of Siteground are:  

♤ Free domains,

♤ Free install,

♤ Unlimited free Email accounts,

♤ Free daily backup and auto-updates,

♤ Free backup restore

♤ Free account migration,

♤ Free SSL and HTTPS certificates for unique security,

♤ SuperCacher,

♤ Unlimited MySql Database access,

♤ 10 GB to 30 GB storage covering all plans,

♤ 24/7 Customer Support,

♤ 30-days money-back guarantee.

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

4. A2 Hosting: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

A2 Hosting offers blazing fast WordPress hosting. It offers 300% faster load time compared to other WordPress hosting services. However, after testing it has been found that it is not exactly 300% faster than other WordPress hostings of other providers. It’s the load time of 455 ms is highly impressive though, but it is not 300% faster than other hostings.

The Features provided by various plans of A2 WordPress Hosting are:

♤ WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla optimized websites and compatible hostings,

♤ Turbo servers help to increase the speed of hosting,

♤ High-end security with various certifications,

♤ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

♤ A2 Quick installer,

♤ 30-days money-back guarantee

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

5. Site5: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Site5 is one of the best WordPress hosting services in the market which offers attractive plans for both beginners and experienced ones. It is like other few webs hosting companies offer location-specific web hosting. It has data centers and servers in Romania, Netherlands, Australia, UK, India, Brazil, and Singapore. It has no overloaded server as it allows a comparatively low number of customers for each server.

The Features provided by various WordPress hosting plans of Site5 are:

♤ Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth,

♤ Multiple domains for a single account,

♤ Free migration of sites,

♤ Daily backups,

♤ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

♤ 30-days free trial,

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

6. DreamHost: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

DreamHost is a 14-year-old WordPress hosting company and also a reputed brand in the market of WordPress hosting. This company provides WordPress hosting services to around 1.5 Million Websites worldwide, and it powers 600,000 WordPress sites and blogs. This company delivers around 200% faster web hosting than other WordPress hostings of the market.   

The Features provided by various plans of WordPress  hosting DreamHost are:

♤ Pre-installed, Pre-configured and easy setup,

♤ 1 click installation,

♤ Automatic Updates,

♤ Auto backups,

♤ Unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth,

♤ Any WordPress theme and the plugin can be added,

♤ 100% network uptime,

♤ Multiple domains,

♤ Unlimited Email accounts,

♤ Scales to handle traffic spikes,97-days money-back guarantee,

♤ 24/7 Customer support

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

7. Arvixe: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Founded in San Luis Obispo, CA, since 2003 Arvixe has been hosting various types of WordPress websites in thousands worldwide. They have won several awards for becoming one of the fastest-growing hosting companies in the world. Though they have started to shift their efforts towards WordPress only from last year, the results are decent and satisfying. Their WordPress hosting is not mind-blowing, but they have been successful to reach a considerable number of customers within a short period.  

The Features provided by various plans of Arvixe are:

♤ Finely tuned and compatible with any WordPress theme or plugin,

♤ Hosting environment can be optimized to increase the speed and security of WordPress sites,

♤ WordPress hosting that scales- shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting are available,

♤ Unlimited Space and Bandwidth.

♤ 100% risk-free for 45 Days ( declared by provider ),

♤ 99.99% site uptime,

♤ Free Website transfer,

♤ 60 days money-back guarantee.

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1


8. JustHost: –

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

JustHost (previously known as Super Green Hosting) has the best  WordPress servers for WordPress hostings and best apps. It’s WordPress hostings are best for first-time users, and all of the plans are highly affordable. Fast and simple hostings are the advantages of the services offered by this WordPress hosting provider.

The Features provided by various plans of JustHost are:  

♤ Free Domain,

♤ Free Site Builder,

♤ Free Email accounts,

♤ Best Apps,

♤ Free marketing tools,

♤ 1-click easy install,

♤ SSL, FTP, and other security certificates,

♤ Outstanding uptime,

♤ 24/7 Customer Tailored Support

Top Best WordPress hosting service providers 2020 1

Managed WordPress Hosting or Fully Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting is a service by which all technical matters and hosting of a WordPress site are managed by a single provider. Providers of this service manage everything about WordPress sites like SEO, blogs, hostings, etc, and clients don’t need to take any headache to optimize their websites. All client requests are responded promptly without any waste of time.

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Utilities of Managed WordPress Hosting

When a business starts to grow, more and more people start to visit your site. It becomes difficult for you to respond properly to all visitors, customers, and potential customers. If you fail to properly respond to all, the progress of your business may be hampered. Thus, Managed WordPress Hosting comes to give you relief, because by this service all of your visitors can be responded promptly and perfectly. Thus, this hosting is more beneficial than Shared Hosting.

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

During your research, you would have come across the different types of Hosting including Managed WordPress Hosting. As you can see the Managed WordPress Hosting costs you more than the Shared Hosting, eight to ten times more. This extra cost is a worthy asset and would it be helpful to you as far as the future of your business is concerned. Let’s find out why. All you want to know about the Managed WordPress Hosting is here.

Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

Easy to run the business – Managed WordPress Hosting provides a single platform, from where maximum activities of the online business can be done.  

Designed for Blogging:   This hosting gives the option of publishing blogs and sharing them with online users instantly.

Collection of Plugins: Managed WordPress Hosting provides WordPress sites that contain a huge collection of useful plugins ( more than 20,000 free WordPress plugins are there on the internet). These plugins help users to perform various activities in their sites. These are also helpful for the online optimization of WordPress sites.

Multi-Tasker:  As Managed WordPress Hosting service provides Blogging, SEO, prompt responses along with hosting, it can be easily termed as Multi-Tasker Service.

Media-Uploader:  It helps clients to upload various images, videos, and media contents easily.

Auto-Save:  Every word a client writes in his/her WordPress site, that word is saved automatically so that it does not get lost due to any technical glitch.

Top Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2019

Top Best WordPress Hosting Providers 2020

Anywhere, anytime and any device:  If your provider offers you location-based hosting, then Managed WordPress Hosting will run on your locations at any time and any digital device of yours.   

Organize Easily:  Providers of Managed WordPress Hosting services organize WordPress sites of their clients in such a way that clients don’t feel any difficulty to organize their activities in their sites.

Effective search:  Generally WordPress sites give suggestions of matching items against each word you write in those sites.  Thus, it helps you to optimize your sites.

Multiple Users:  Wordpress lets users login simultaneously from different digital devices.

Security arrangements:  Complex threats can be identified easily because WordPress sites are open-sourced sites, they don’t save any password and have various security certificates.  

For whom Managed WordPress Hosting is the best.

Although Managed WordPress Hosting provides multiple services at once, it’s the price is higher than Shared hosting services. So, common bloggers should not opt for it. The cost of this hosting is lower than the single administrator. So business starters or smart online marketers should opt for this service. It will help them to manage multiple activities including hosting and site optimization.

Tips to choose the best WordPress hosting

Choosing the best WordPress Hosting is important just like choosing the right investment for the business. Properly chosen WordPress hosting eases the way to run the business and at the same time it makes sure that your business can gain in maximum. There are many types of WordPress hostings are available like Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. Every hosting has various positives and negatives. You must choose the proper type of hosting so that you can run your business comfortably with maximum output. There are lots of plans also for different types of hostings, each plan has various pros and cons. So for your gain, you have to choose the proper plan also.  

Things to consider when choosing a WordPress Hosting provider-

To choose a WordPress hosting provider for buying its plan, you need to consider a few things. These are as follows-

  • You need to compare the features offered by various providers. You need to select the provider whose hosting service provides all of the features which fulfill your needs.
  • You need to go through various hosting plans of all providers to select the most affordable plan for your needs. The plan should meet all of your needs with the best value of money.
  • If your budget is low and you have multiple sites,  then you should opt for Shared WordPress Hosting. And if your budget is low but you have a single site, then you can opt for VPS WordPress Hosting.
  • If you need privacy, full control, and high hardware support then you can opt for Dedicated WordPress Hosting.
  • If you need all features under a single hosting, then you need to buy Managed WordPress Hosting service. With the features of high speed, high-end security, optimization service, etc this hosting is costly than other types of hostings.  

Various Types of WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting:  Free WordPress Hosting is generally used by common bloggers. It is managed by individuals who share the small parts of their servers to earn a small income. Users may have to put some ads or banners in their sites, in exchange for which these sites will be shared for the hostings. The most negative thing is – This type of free web hosting is very much unreliable, users will never have any idea that when free hostings of their sites will be stopped.

Shared WordPress Hosting:  In Shared WordPress Hosting, one physical server and it’s resources are shared among multiple users. In this hosting, resources can be used for multiple websites, each having an individual domain. This type of hosting is actually like staying in a common room. All available resources are shared with multiple users at once. One physical server and it’s hardware like RAM, Storage, CPU, etc are shared with all users.

VPS WordPress Hosting: Here, a large server is divided into smaller servers. Technically a user can control the entire large server, but other users can use the smaller servers as private servers and can control their businesses accordingly.  If any user is not tech-savvy, he/she can own a smaller server, so that all technical issues can be managed by the user who owns the large server.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting:  This is a hosting service by which an entire server is taken through rent. It gives the user full control over his/her website including the storage, apps, hardware, Operating Systems, etc. Only a user with an established business should opt for this type of hosting. This hosting can effectively manage high traffic and a huge number of respondents.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Not every provider offers this hosting service. It is a service by which all technical matters and hostings of WordPress sites are managed by a single provider. This service manages everything about WordPress sites like SEO, blogs, hostings, etc, and clients don’t need to take any headache to optimize their websites. Fast, high security, and prompt responses to visitors are the important features of this service.  

It is up to you to choose the right type of WordPress hosting and the right plan which will meet all of your requirements so that you can earn maximum with the utmost ease.

Shared vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared versus Managed WordPress hosting is the most discussed topic in the world of hosting. We have discussed a lot about various types of hostings earlier, but comparing Shared Hosting with Managed WordPress hosting is still the most difficult job to do. Here we will try to compare these two hostings based on user reviews, features, and facilities.

Differences between Shared Wordpress Hosting  and Managed WordPress Hosting are as follows:

    • In Shared WordPress Hosting, one physical server and it’s resources are shared among multiple users. It means a site can share resources with other sites on the same physical serves. In Managed WordPress hosting, users can get features of various other hostings like Shared, Dedicated, VPS, etc, so they can either take control of an entire server or they can use a shared one.
    • Shared WordPress Hosting minimizes the cost of hosting for each user using a single server, as the server is shared. So, it is beneficial in terms of cost. However, due to multiple users in a single server, overloading problems may arise and each website may run slowly. In Managed WordPress Hosting, the user has the freedom to choose which type of hosting he or she will prefer for his/her website.
  • Shared WordPress Hosting may or may not provide features like easy install, automatic updates, and automatic backups.  Managed Hosting in maximum cases will always provide features like easy install, automatic updates, and automatic backups.
  • Shared WordPress hosting does not provide WordPress specific security features, thus WordPress sites become prone to cyber-attacks very easily. Managed Hosting provides WordPress specific security features which include various certifications, firewalls, malware scanners, etc.
  • Shared WordPress Hosting generally has no restriction to use a huge number of plugins. Managed hosting of some providers has restrictions on plugins so that performance can be improved.

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting:


    • Faster Loading- It makes WordPress website or blog to load faster with any amount of traffic,
    • No Downside- Websites will not go down even if there is high traffic, websites will always run smoothly.
    • Updates- Auto updates are there,
    • Backups- Provides backups on the routine basis, and can be reverted also,
    • High- Quality customer support- Expert teams of Customer Care can easily solve all of your problems,
    • High- End Security- Various security certificates and malware scanners can identify and restrict all types of threats, malware, viruses, etc.


  • Costly- Compared to other types of hostings, Managed WordPress Hosting is costly as it provides multiple facilities at once. But if you don’t opt for this hosting, then you may have to recruit a system administrator which will shoot up the total cost of operation.

Managed WordPress Hosting: A worthy investment?

Managed WordPress Hosting offers multiple facilities at once like hosting, SEO, blog publishing options, etc, which are helpful for website optimization. At the same time, the provider takes responsibility for all technical issues and other issues by using its high-quality expert team and 24/7 Customer Support team. Thus, the user does not need to recruit anyone to look after the optimization and back-end processes or problems for his/her WordPress site. Thus, the investment made to buy this hosting is utilized with a huge gain.  

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

1. Does WordPress provide hosting?

Ans – You need to create a WordPress site at first. Then you need to register a domain name for that site. Then you can opt for hosting. However, all hosting companies provide domain names, you just need to select a name and register it.

2. Do I need a hosting site for WordPress?

Ans – You need a WordPress site or a non WordPress site for hosting. If you use dedicated WordPress hosting, then you need WordPress hosting site. Or if you use Shared WordPress hosting, then at least you need a site with WordPress add-ons.

3. Which WordPress hosting is best?

Ans – We can’t recommend the name of any provider. But we can tell that Managed WordPress Hosting is best to use. Because Managed WordPress hosting offers a lot of features like speed, great performance, optimization of sites, high-end security, etc. The amount of features in this hosting is more than other hostings.   

4.Linux or Windows- Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Ans- WordPress hosting is best on the platform of Linux. This is because- a> Hosting in Linux is 20% faster than hosting in Windows, b> PHP and WordPress sites run better on Linux platform, c> In case of shared WordPress hosting, Windows is 30% more expensive than Linux.   


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